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The following are a few basic questions you should ask before you choose an attorney:

1. What areas other than estate planning do you practice in? You want someone who’s practice is primarily estate planning. A person who does not regularly practice in this area will charge more because of the research time involved and be more likely to make a mistake or leave something out.

2. How many wills have you prepared?

3. How many trusts have you prepared? Be careful. If an attorney tells you that you do not need a trust he/she may be hoping for the probate fee from your estate. Ask him/her why they feel a will is better suited for you.

4. How many of your clients have passed away? Have any of their heirs had difficulty settling their estates? You want someone who has been around long enough that they know their documents work.

5. May I have some professional references? Due to client confidentiality reasons an attorney should not disclose actual client names without permission, but he/she should be willing to give personal and professional references.
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Additionally, you should call the Oklahoma Bar Association (405) 416-7000 and ask if the attorney has had any complaints filed.

Check out from the library or purchase the easy to read book,
The Living Trust, written by Henry Abts.

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